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16 Mar 2017 his creative entity Biovortex, an artistic concept rooted in regenerative, sure that if you use CBD oil — a non-psychotropic cannabis product  Since CBD has no psychoactive properties, it has a different legal status from a Harley Sue/Black Dog cross called A Dog Named Sue (a genetic by Biovortex). HSO, en collaboration avec le breeder Biovortex, a créé cette plante à l'aide de deux génétiques élites provenant directement du nord de la Californie, et dont le  Black D.o.g.(biovortex). (blackberry kush x emerald headband) CBD. AC DC. up and coming selections… Back to Top. Powered by Squarespace. Sale! Stanky Dank Genetics – 78 CBD 2:1 (Cherry Lemon Pheno). Hemp $150.00 $100.00. Rated 0 out of 5. Pacific Northwest Roots – Electric Bubblegum. 5 Aug 2017 CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol, is one of the less recognized naturally occurring chemical compounds in the hemp plant. Unlike the 

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Home - DCSE Welcome to the D.C. Seed Exchange!We are a small, independent, seed bank operating under Initiative 71 focused on rare and exotic genetics. Our mission is to build a virtual trading space that features genetics from the best breeders in North America as well as highlighting local talent from the Mid-Atlantic region. 7 fast flowering cannabis strains- Alchimiaweb Sometimes, you may not be sure about which cannabis strains to purchase for your next grow. Your personal taste and circumstances will greatly determine your decision, so while some of you may be looking for high yields or certain effect, others may prefer strains resistant to moulds or with the shortest possible flowering period. 11/13/15 Biovortex on The Cannabis Connection by the.cannabis

Hemp Healthy | Quitting Cigarettes? Joints Rolled With CBD Might

Hey there, stranger! For the best experience sign in or create an account. Bio Vortex - Cannabis Seed Breeder at Neptune Seed Bank Bio Vortex - Cannabis Seed Breeder featuring Golden Dog, Pink Dog, Cheese Dog, Black Sapphire, Kurious Orange, Pretty in Pink, Holy Shiz, and more Symbiosis with BioVortex - Humboldt Seeds UK -Symbiosis-Often we think of symbiosis as a beneficial relationship between organisms.However a symbiotic relationship can either be mutualisic, where both organisms benefit, or parasitic, where one organism benefits at the detriment of the other.

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See 3,498 posts by biovortex. To see photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours, sign up. Black D.O.G – Canna Seed – Hanfsamen Black D.O.G von Humboldt Seed Organization ist ein feminisierter Hanfsamen, der mit Biovortex hergestellt wurde und seinen Ursprung im Kreuz eines Blackberry Kush und eines Emerald Headband hat. Der Samen ist eine ziemlich große und robuste indica-dominante Marihuana-Pflanze, die sowohl am zentralen Stamm als auch in den umliegenden Ästen The Care By Design product family | Care By Design - CBD